• Safety Bollards

    A safety bollards is designed to identify a location, protect sensitive areas and guide traffic. It gives a visual barrier for vehicles and ordinary people and offers a significant protection to continue the process of security. Bollards can be used individually or in series for boundaries that have been extended.

    Bollards have been used in road, mooring posts as well as boundary markings. They create visual barriers for drivers and help them to drive with proper traffic direction. Bollards are installed to prevent collisions of heavy vehicles on road.

    Types of Safety Bollards:

    There are many different kinds of bollards available in the market and some of the most common of them being: These are designed with grade steel and they create a resistant barrier to vehicles. These security bollards are needed in such sensitive places where it is necessary to have safety and security such as entrance of buildings, beside pavements, etc. These bollards are also used for decorative purpose.

    Decorative Bollards:

    These bollards are also used for decorative purpose. Decorative bollards add beauty to the appearance of various buildings. They can help maintaining the gap between your building and other surrounding buildings. Bike-parking bollards, Solar-lighting bollards, removing and fold-down bollards are included in this type of bollards.

    Quality line marking service:

    Buildings and all other landscapes are designed for decoration as well as for long-term use with proper maintenance. Line marking service are made of top-quality materials to keep them looking the best for upcoming years.

    Permanent Bollards:

    These bollards are designed to maintain traffic-control purposes. They are mounted closer to each other to block cars, normally the ordinary one.

    Illuminated bollards:

    Illuminated traffic bollards are used to direct vehicles to a proper direction in the US. These also help to give a visual effect to safety signs.

    Bell bollards:

    These bollards are used to deflect the heavy vehicles. These are useful against heavy vehicles that can damage or destroy conventional bollards.

    Racing bollards:

    Racing bollards are light in weight and they are built to break not to damage the vehicle and prevent cutting corners.

    Protective bollards:

    These bollards are used mostly in industry and other commercial buildings to protect assets. These consist of steel post which are anchored and cored into a hard surface. Such bollards prevent people from accidents and other collisions among vehicles.

    Security bollards:

    These bollards are specifically for security and safety matters. They are broadly classified mainly into two categories, namely,

    1. Non crash resistant bollards 2. Crash and attack resistant

    Other usage of Bollards:

    A bollard has various uses and safety requirements that vary on the basis of their uses. If all the Bollards would have been made of concrete or steel, they could cause major damage to vehicles.

    But on the other hand, if a bollard, protecting a building or doorway would have been made of plastic or rubber; severe damage could be caused to the structure. So the function will determine the material build up of the bollard.

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