• Going Crazy On The Bathroom Bacteria

    One of the worst parts of having a bathroom (even with the essential need of having one) is when your turn comes around to clean it. If you are someone who likes to browse through the internet a lot then you would have found out those articles of household sinks rated by the amount of bacteria that usually inhabits it and other articles which usually elaborate on what exactly is coexisting with you when you are doing your business in the bathroom. So here are some tips to get rid of these things which should be implemented on a monthly basis.

    ●    Getting the shower clean

    The shower head is something you will need to focus on, and especially the handle. So fill a bucket full of vinegar and let the showerhead soak in it overnight. if you are feeling bad about wasting all that hard earned money in the form of white vinegar, then go for the paper towels soaked in vinegar approach and keep the head wrapped with these vinegar soaked paper towel overnight. Make sure to wash your shower curtains after soaking them in baking soda. When you are putting them in the washing machine put in some old rags and towels so the curtain can scrub itself on these to get rid of mildew and other things that should not be there.

    ●    Getting the grout out

    The annoying things about general bathroom cleaning is the grout that is stuck in areas when you are already exhausted after scrubbing for hours and doing best hydro excavation. So the best way to rid yourself of grout is to grab a grout brush and brush from the store and get washing. Be careful to have the windows open when you are using bleach in the bathroom. Make sure to seal out grout around half a year and every year to make sure that moisture and slime does not infiltrate your tiles.

    ●    Going all pro on the toilet

    The most disgusting areas of the toilet should be given extra pressure when you are cleaning them. These areas tend to be the worst off when talking about accumulation of everything you hate and give you the creeps, so when you are doing the monthly cleaning make sure to give extra scrubbing and soap and disinfectant to the toilet. Starting off with baking soda in your toilet bowl and letting the bowl marinate for a bit before flushing. Usually a damp pumice stone can get rid of most stains on the surfaces of the toilet. But if you have issues with the geotechnical site investigation then you will need plumbers. So before they get to the house get cleaning.

    Make sure to clean the equipment you are using for the whole purpose of getting rid of bacteria, or throw them away.

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