• Disaster That Occur From Coal Mines Destructions

    barsLush trees with vibrant greenery leaves are distinct memories when faced with a coal mine explosion. These accidents can occur when you least expect it. Often times these accidents are caused due to minor oversights or pure negligence that spiral towards a more serious, much damaging incident that is bound to take place. Human lives are lost in hundreds, close proximity homes and neighborhood are effected, and rivers, lakes and shorelines are polluted. These pollutions are none other than the coal ash that emits from the site or power plants the explode and emit toxic air. Usually these power plants deal with toxic metals that are quite as harmful to one’s health. These metal types are lead, mercury, arsenic and much more. Multiple environmental organizations are fighting for the damages caused by these unexpected incidents and also on the prevention methods that needs to be taken and governed by the local authorities.

    The real facts
    For the pollution of the environments doesn’t have to be through an explosion of a power plant, certain power plants are known for emitting fumes that are toxic and pollute the air that we all breath. For instance there are more than 100 coal burning power plants that are known to burn over billions of tons of coal per annum. This coal ash that is been derived is poison by itself. These coal ashes are contained with multiple chemicals that can react and cause our water sources to be poisoned leading to fatalities of the public. To our surprise, with the increase in technological advances however there seem to be no federal governance based on controlling these pollutions in this modern world. Miners are found working with mining light bars unsure of their survival to the next day.

    The question arises, is providing mining light bar sufficient in the well being of these miners or will authorities take permanent measures in taking care of their well being and safety.

    Did you know that the amount of coal that is been excavated each year can completely fill each train that stretches from the North Pole to the South Pole. That’s a huge amount of coal to be extracted and huge amount of pollution in the making. Statistically proven that a staggering number of more than 200 coal mines, sites and power plants have polluted nearby waters making it impossible for consumption. Many of the rural and local communities are said to use these water ways as their source of drinking water. Human exposure to these toxic fumes and poison ace waters can lead to serious injuries and even result in death.

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