• Consequences Of Shaft Misalignment

    At present, there’s no argument about the pace of growing and upcoming industries (e.g. factories, plants, businesses, etc.). That said, the advancing technological progress plays a significant role for the stated growth. That’s the overall big picture about these small to massive commercial establishments. However, there are many factors that contribute to this growth that many do not realize or think about. In order for any plant to operate smoothly or businesses that utilize machinery is maintenance. Without it, production or manufacturing process would halt. However, there are many reports about breakdowns of equipment due to misalignment.

    Industrial shaft misalignment

    You might be wondering how misalignment could cause such a big impact on the smooth functions? Every type of plant, equipment, etc. that operate on wheels, belts, shafts, etc. aren’t aligned correctly, it results in serious problems. As a fact, the costs for repairing such damages are very high. There are many methods that are used to correct these mistakes such as the following;


    Laser shaft alignment

    Dial indicators

    On the other hand, any type of plant or equipment that uses a rotating technology uses shafts and belts. Therefore, here are some of the concerns related to electrical thermography http://www.thermalign.com.au/ industrial alignment of such machinery:

    Safely installing machinery or equipment

    Preventive measures for wear and tear

    Energy efficient functioning, etc.

    Serious consequences of aligning problems

    Over the past years, the dangers and concerns of this problem have been emphasized and continue to be a problem. These problems could results in continuously increasing stress built on the equipment. These situations shouldn’t be ignored, as the opportunity for taking early preventive measures are lost. As a fact, it results in potential or serious problems such as the following:

    ú  Vibration and loud noises

    One of the main consequences as a result of laser shaft alignment is increase in vibrations and noises from the equipment. This not good for the machine in the long run and is an early sign (warning), about some problem.

    ú  Early breakdown

    On the other hand, due to the increased friction, wear and tear, etc. the equipment would start showing problems early. Therefore, it could breakdown before the estimated period of using it. Therefore, it can be fixed earlier using correction methods such as traditional or laser shaft alignment.

    ú  Leakage of lubricants

    Moreover, due to problems with alignment the seals of the lubricant areas of the machine could get damaged. As a fact, there could be excess leakages, resulting in malfunction of the equipment.

    Given the aforementioned facts and serious consequences of misalignment, it’s important to hire professional to if you detect problems. As a fact, you could save a lot of money on huge losses in the event of a major breakdown.

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